Make Your Own Outdoor Kitchen Prep Table

outdoor kitchen prep table

Repurposing an old work bench to a outdoor kitchen prep table.

We found a table in the shed when we moved into the house.  One of many things found in the shed...there where lots of mice too.  The table is the right height for a work space next to the barbecue so out it goes.

workbench to outdoor kitchen prep table

For this project we need:

  • beer - preferably on ice
  • a grinder with a pad for metal
  • wire brush attachment for grinder
  • power drill with wire brush attachment
  • dust mask or respirator
  • gloves
  • goggles - almost typed googles
  • wire brush
  • putty knife or scraper
  • Primer
  • Paint

First, set-up in an area that has a breeze or is well ventilated - you'll want to make it to the beer step.

Next, check on the beer - it is the reward for completing the task. Yup, the beer is OK, it is in the ice.

prep table in progress

Then, put on some long pants and long sleeve shirt...flying paint chips are painful - learned that the hard way. Finish your outfit with gloves, googles (did it again) goggles, and dust mask, and if you are folically challenged like me, a hat.

The goal is to remove as much paint as possible without removing too much metal. Starting out, hold the grinder with both hands, feet firmly planted, while trying to aim the flying debris down wind from where you are standing. Also try to aim the flying bits  away from yourself/pets/spouses/friends. Hold on tight. The grinder will want to take off across the table...hold your ground. With smooth motion clean the flat surfaces. (is it beer time yet?) After cleaning off most of the paint, move onto the parts that are not going to be so easy...the legs, the shelf. I am not aiming for museum quality, so a bit of unevenness is acceptable.

finished outdoor kitchen prep table

With a little scraping the table is ready for a coat of paint. We have chosen Rustoleum rusty primer as our first coat, then we will finish it of with a coat of Rustoleum gloss smoke gray - think battleship...if we hate it we can always repaint it fire engine red!


The table has been a success; it is perfect for rolling out pizza dough and other projects.  And it is still gray!

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