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Ugly side yard before

P90X - Extreme Workout

P90X Workout

We have started the workout - it is extreme, and being in my 50's it is a bit of a challenge.

Bring Dry Scuffed Wood Cutting Boards Back to Life.

Butcher Block Oil

Here is an easy way to revitalize your wood cutting boards - Butcher Block Oil.  Just pour it on and wait...let it be absorbed into the wood and then after an hour or so rub off the excess!

Create a Home Gym

weights and bench with exercise ball

Well, we have setup a home gym of sorts in the basement.

elliptical machine- elliptical machine,
- soft mats to cover the concrete floor,
- exercise ball,
- extra thick yoga / stretching mat,
- adjustable weight bench,
- barbell,
- resistance bands,

NuGiant 34002 Surge Protector

The other day we went out to the local electronics store to pick up a surge protector for the office. While wandering around looking at all the fun stuff we did not know we needed, we came across the NuGiant 34002 Wireless USB Smart Surge.

Make Your Own Outdoor Kitchen Prep Table

workbench to outdoor kitchen prep table
outdoor kitchen prep table

Repurposing an old work bench to a outdoor kitchen prep table.

We found a table in the shed when we moved into the house.  One of many things found in the shed...there where lots of mice too.  The table is the right height for a work space next to the barbecue so out it goes.

Build a Decrorative Box to hide 15 gallon black pot

cedar box

Decorative Cedar Box - a deal at about $15 each.

This spring the neighbors and I did some clearing on both sides of our fence and we discovered that we can now look directly into each others yards. To fix this we have planted a Podocarpus hedge.  …

Turn an ugly unused sideyard into a low maintenance space

Ugly side yard before

When we moved into the house, there was one side yard that was never going to be used. It was dark, and had no access to the front of the house and was mostly covered in concrete and weeds.  Due to water issues we had to remove the concrete, which was more like a trough than a sidewalk, and that left me with a weed filled space that became a maintenance problem - though the water issues are better because the ground can now breath. 


Front yard after new plantings

Tomatoes 2012 - An overview

bowl of cherry tomatoes

This was the year that I was going to be ready. I had turned the raised bed, then belatedly added a few more…and then as an afterthought decided to run some speaker …

Tomatoes - the growing continues

IMG 0978

Just as the tomatoes had reached 6 feet tall we took a road trip to Oregon. It was a great; 10 days, with stops at Crater Lake, Rouge River Gorge, and Lake Tahoe...…


tomato plants in raised bed

This year I decided to try tomatoes, again. For the last two years the plants had produced fruit that fed the local squirrels and birds, so this year it was my turn.

Easily Install a Drip System

Installing a drip system to your yard will save you time and money. After the initial setup, you will save time by not having to drag the hose around your yard and …

Photos from the yard

aloe with texture

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